Retreading in South Africa

Did you know that one of the world’s largest commercial truck tyre retreading facilities is in South Africa? Auto & Truck Tyres (ATT) started as a single tyre shop in Wadeville, and has grown into one of the largest retreading facilities in the world, housed under one roof.

Some South African retreaders do, on average, the same number of retreads per day as some of the largest retreaders in the USA. Every day thousands of truck tyres in South Africa are saved from landfills and scrap heaps by being retreaded and put back into service.

Retreading reduces the cost of moving goods around the country and across the border. Transporters rely on retreaded tyres to reduce their CPKs (running cost per kilometre).

Most major tyre manufacturers have retreading as part of their stable of products, including Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin.

What do one of the the world’s largest retreaders and the big guys in the USA have in common?

Both use high-quality products like MAE envelopes and curing tubes and Pincott buffing blades to ensure that the each retreaded tyre is going to perform as if it were a new tyre!

These products and more are available through Chemvulc; feel free to request a catalogue or a quote on anything tyres.

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