Auto digital tyre inflation – Part 2

Good for your business

Automatic digital inflation products help businesses in a number of ways, including helping to save time by offering fast and accurate tyre inflation/deflation. With an EMT system, up to 6 tyres can be inflated simultaneously.

Where new tyres are fitted, it helps to ensure that the tyre inflates to a pressure where the tyre seats properly on the rim then deflates automatically to the required pre-set pressure.

Auto inflation offers convenience, portability and ease of use (plug and play), and won’t go out of calibration. It also eliminates the use for stick or hand-held gauges which can go out of calibration over time.

A very practical and time-saving benefit is that technicians don’t have to wait by the tyre while the tyre inflates. Inflation can be carried out automatically, so the technician can be changing the next tyre while inflation occurs, saving time and labour. This also leaves the technician free to perform tyre inspections and other safety checks.

Automatic tyre inflators are incredibly versatile, and can be used for small passenger and SUV tyres, big mining OTRs, and bus and aircraft tyres.

Automatic inflators are easy to install as the installation can either be on the wall, directly on your tyre inflation cage, or a portable tyre inflator can be used between bays.

The high levels of accuracy, speed, precise measurements and consistently even tyre pressures can extend the life of tyres. When looking at big vehicles, with all the tyres inflated to exactly the correct pressure, the load being hauled gets evenly distributed across the tyres. This in turn improves rolling resistance and saves fuel.

When tyres are carrying the load evenly, tread wear is consistent across all the tyres, and even tread wear means longer tyre life.

Automatic inflation on the forecourt

Six tyre inflation arrangement for ADTs

Check out Chemvulc’s EMT Auto Digital Inflation products. These are available for a wide variety of applications from filling stations to mining.

Auto digital tyre inflation
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