Repairing of ultra-large mining tyres

As mining tyres are becoming larger and larger, mining tyre repair has been evolving to keep up with the increasing requirements to repair these tyres effectively. Instead of disposing of damaged large truck and equipment tyres, owners can opt to repair large mining tyres.

Tyres used in off-road jobs like mining take a beating every day of their lives. They’re designed to take the rough ride and challenging terrain, but at some point can suffer significant damage from cuts or impacts.

In some cases the obstacle that causes the damage is extensive, and the tyre suffers a puncture or cut that requires it to be removed from the vehicle.

Once the tyre is initially inspected and the feasibility of repair is confirmed, the damage is addressed. That requires removing rubber, and trimming broken cables where necessary.

Trained repair specialists cut out the damaged section of the tyre, and open up the injury. A reinforced tyre repair patch is used, to reinforce the damaged area. In advanced repairs, new steel cables replace what had been removed.

Once the initial preparation of the injured area is complete, special rubber compounds are used to fill the injury. The prepared section of the tyre is vulcanised to ensure the new rubber is properly cured, resulting in a tyre that is ready to go back into service. Repairing of ultra-large tyres is a specialised skill set requiring both experience and extensive training.

Repairing, rather than disposing of, ultra-large tyres makes advanced tyre repairing a benefit for customers and for the environment by reducing a site’s volume of scrap tyres. Proper investment into the infrastructure for repairing of mining tyres, should form an important part of a mining operation’s tyre management strategy. The resulting savings on new tyre purchases can be significant.

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